Monday, April 26, 2010


This is a blog about the prestigious, writer of the Harlem renaissance Nora Zeale Hurton's novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. This originally considered offensive and stereotypical novel, is a southern love story tied into a great adventure to fulfill a dream. Written through the view of the fierce, independent Janie Crawford, this story is about the breakthrough from sorrow and intimidation to confident blithe in the time of intense prejudice and discrimination against the black slave population. I invite you to tune in and listen as Janie depicts her wild and radical adventure.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Facts About Me

  1. I was born with red hair
  2. I have two older brothers- I'm the only girl of the family
  3. I only drink black coffee
  4. I dance four to five times a week
  5. My grandparents live with me
  6. I love to mountain bike with my dad and brothers
  7. I have one two first place trophies and one second place trophy in surfing competitions
  8. I have recently gotten really into BMX trick biking
  9. I have taken piano for nine years
  10. I have ancestors from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bohemia, Germany, Poland, and France
  11. I absolutely love pasta
  12. I listen to punk and industrial music
  13. I play the piano, cello, and bass guitar
  14. My house is 159 years old
  15. I have encountered ghosts in my house
  16. I have four miniature Jack Russells, four cats, and two horses
  17. I have a half pipe for skating and biking at my house
  18. I have a trailer down in Fenwick
  19. I have been across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii, and the Atlantic to Greece and Italy
  20. My dad flies A-10's Fighter Planes and commercial jets for Untied, so I get to fly anywhere for free
  21. I plan to become a dancer and some sort of marketer for a clothing company/store
  22. I like collecting records 
  23. I wish to live in New York City when I go to college and live on my own
  24. I take French and hope to be fluent in it 
  25. I am obsessed with neutral colors and do not wear bright hues

Friday, May 4, 2007

Allured Imagery 10-”So she went on thinking back on her young years and explain them to her friend in soft, easy phrases while all around the house, the night time put on a flesh of blackness.”- Janie explains her story to her friend as the evening progresses.

2. pg. 11-
“She saw the dust-bearing bee sink into the sanctum of a bloom; ecstatic shiver of the tree from root to tiniest branch of creaming in every blossom and frothing with delight.” –Janie is delighted to see a bee pollinating a new blossom.

3. pg. 12- “That was before the golden dust of pollen had beglamored his rags and her eyes.”- Johnny Taylor wore rags, but the happy, springtime mood that Janie was in made her more attracted to him.

4. pg. 25 “She knew the world was a stallion rolling in the blue pasture of ether.” Janie recognizes that the world acts dynamic and wild as it revolves within space, floating on air.

5. pg. 25 “She knew that God tore down the old world every evening and built a new one by sun-up.” – Janie realizes that every day is a new day and a chance to start over.

6. pg. 27 “It was a citified, stylish man with his hat set at an angle that didn’t belong in these parts…The shirt with the silk sleeveholders was dazzling enough for the world. He whistled, mopped his face and walked like he knew where he was going. He was a seal-brown color…” –Joe Starks is a suave man who is unfit for Janie’s ragged old town.

7. pg 27 “The noon sun filtered through the leaves of the fine oak tree where she sat and made lacy patterns on the ground.” Janie mindlessly scribbled on the ground because she was bored in the middle of the day.

8. pg 34 “Joe noted the scant dozen of shame-faced houses scattered in the sand and palmetto roots…” –Joe is disappointed in the look of the all black town.

9. pg. 72 “But looking at it she saw that it never was the flesh and blood of figure of her dreams. Just something she had grabbed up to drape her dreams over.” –Joe was not the man of her dreams, he is just something to use in a temporary place of her dreams.

10. pg. 72 “…he slapped Janie until she had a ringing sound in her ears and told her about her brains before he stalked on back to the store.” – Jody’s beating really affected Janie’s emotions and physical being.

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Friday, May 5, 2006

Genial Symbolism

Janie's long hair- her free spirit and pride in her womanhood
Janie's overalls- hard work and labor. It's what a laborer would wear.
The pear treeIt symbolizes that Janie is coming to front with her sexuality and her womanhood. Janie is beginning to bloom like a pear tree in the spring time. 
The gate- the dividing line between what Janie wants and what she is forced to do. It's Janie's constraining free will. 
The horizon- the far distance that one has to travel to reach his or her dream
Mules- represent labor and the lowest class. Black women are considered to be the mules of the world because they were the lowest gender and race during that period in time.  
Janie's head rag- degradation of her womanhood and and the restriction of her glory by the dominance of Joe. It represents that Janie is Joe's possession.
Checkers- the dominance and higher power of men
Joe Stark's house- It's symbolic that he paints his house white like a plantation house with the                                slaves living around him. It symbolizes that Joe is most powerful and is taking on the role of the white man
Tobacco spittoon- Joe's corruption by power by exploiting his money for lavish, unnecessary items.
Sun up- hope and a new, fresh start
High chair- Janie and Joe's position in the hierarchy of wealth, it shows that they are high class
Lamp-lighting up the town- symbolizes the birth of the town and giving of life to it

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Friday, May 13, 2005

What's In a Name?

When my parents found out they were having me, they already had two sons Coleman and Christian and were hopeful that I would be a girl. Therefore, when considering names my parents especially like the names "Elle Claire" and "Cecilia" if I were to be a girl and "Malcom" and "Becker William" if I were to be another son. Ultimately, however, my parents really admired  and wanted to incorporate my Aunt Paula's middle name "Claire." In order to keep from getting nicknames such as "E-Claire," if I were named "Elle Claire," and I then became named "Claire Christine Zurkowski." My first name is named after my Aunt Paula, and I appreciate that because of how much I admire her myself. Also, we have very similar characteristics, to the point where it looks as if I could be her daughter. My middle name is named after my mother, and I greatly appreciate that too because the name is such a pretty one. "Claire" is a French word meaning "clear; bright; and famous," and is a variant of the English name "Clara." I find the name "Claire" to be quite elegant, yet not outdated. Especially because I am French, I love bearing a French name. Since my name is only one syllable, nicknames often consist of added syllables such as "Clairey," or "Clairebear," and sometime people will makeup a nickname of no relevance like "peanut." Either way, I could not see myself being called any other name and take pride in carrying on the French domain.

Since I was too bogged down to scan a baby picture, I though I'd share a favored song of mine that is relevant to my name...