Friday, May 13, 2005

What's In a Name?

When my parents found out they were having me, they already had two sons Coleman and Christian and were hopeful that I would be a girl. Therefore, when considering names my parents especially like the names "Elle Claire" and "Cecilia" if I were to be a girl and "Malcom" and "Becker William" if I were to be another son. Ultimately, however, my parents really admired  and wanted to incorporate my Aunt Paula's middle name "Claire." In order to keep from getting nicknames such as "E-Claire," if I were named "Elle Claire," and I then became named "Claire Christine Zurkowski." My first name is named after my Aunt Paula, and I appreciate that because of how much I admire her myself. Also, we have very similar characteristics, to the point where it looks as if I could be her daughter. My middle name is named after my mother, and I greatly appreciate that too because the name is such a pretty one. "Claire" is a French word meaning "clear; bright; and famous," and is a variant of the English name "Clara." I find the name "Claire" to be quite elegant, yet not outdated. Especially because I am French, I love bearing a French name. Since my name is only one syllable, nicknames often consist of added syllables such as "Clairey," or "Clairebear," and sometime people will makeup a nickname of no relevance like "peanut." Either way, I could not see myself being called any other name and take pride in carrying on the French domain.

Since I was too bogged down to scan a baby picture, I though I'd share a favored song of mine that is relevant to my name...