Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Facts About Me

  1. I was born with red hair
  2. I have two older brothers- I'm the only girl of the family
  3. I only drink black coffee
  4. I dance four to five times a week
  5. My grandparents live with me
  6. I love to mountain bike with my dad and brothers
  7. I have one two first place trophies and one second place trophy in surfing competitions
  8. I have recently gotten really into BMX trick biking
  9. I have taken piano for nine years
  10. I have ancestors from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bohemia, Germany, Poland, and France
  11. I absolutely love pasta
  12. I listen to punk and industrial music
  13. I play the piano, cello, and bass guitar
  14. My house is 159 years old
  15. I have encountered ghosts in my house
  16. I have four miniature Jack Russells, four cats, and two horses
  17. I have a half pipe for skating and biking at my house
  18. I have a trailer down in Fenwick
  19. I have been across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii, and the Atlantic to Greece and Italy
  20. My dad flies A-10's Fighter Planes and commercial jets for Untied, so I get to fly anywhere for free
  21. I plan to become a dancer and some sort of marketer for a clothing company/store
  22. I like collecting records 
  23. I wish to live in New York City when I go to college and live on my own
  24. I take French and hope to be fluent in it 
  25. I am obsessed with neutral colors and do not wear bright hues

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