Friday, May 5, 2006

Genial Symbolism

Janie's long hair- her free spirit and pride in her womanhood
Janie's overalls- hard work and labor. It's what a laborer would wear.
The pear treeIt symbolizes that Janie is coming to front with her sexuality and her womanhood. Janie is beginning to bloom like a pear tree in the spring time. 
The gate- the dividing line between what Janie wants and what she is forced to do. It's Janie's constraining free will. 
The horizon- the far distance that one has to travel to reach his or her dream
Mules- represent labor and the lowest class. Black women are considered to be the mules of the world because they were the lowest gender and race during that period in time.  
Janie's head rag- degradation of her womanhood and and the restriction of her glory by the dominance of Joe. It represents that Janie is Joe's possession.
Checkers- the dominance and higher power of men
Joe Stark's house- It's symbolic that he paints his house white like a plantation house with the                                slaves living around him. It symbolizes that Joe is most powerful and is taking on the role of the white man
Tobacco spittoon- Joe's corruption by power by exploiting his money for lavish, unnecessary items.
Sun up- hope and a new, fresh start
High chair- Janie and Joe's position in the hierarchy of wealth, it shows that they are high class
Lamp-lighting up the town- symbolizes the birth of the town and giving of life to it

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